Private equity notes and comments

Introducing 3.0 New Look

Yes, we’ve gone through a re-design. However that’s only part of the story as we’ve also gone ahead and rebuilt the entire backend of the site as well. It’s been a significant project, but we felt a re-build was the best way to take our increasingly popular platform to the next level.

Don’t fret too much if you’ve grown comfortable using the previous version. The data and much of the previous site’s functionality has been carried over to the new platform. We feel we’ve been able to keep the simplicity while making subtle but significant improvements that you’ll quickly notice.

What’s new?


Nothing more annoying than a site that contains info you want but makes you wait for it.  We’ve done our best to ensure that speed isn’t an issue you’ll think about.

More Ways to Search

New Ways to Search Firms
  • City – Looking for firms in a specific metro?  Just enter a city and get a targeted list.
  • Portfolio Count – Limit your set of results to firms based on portfolio count totals.
  • Has Co-Invested – Isolate firms that have co-invested on at least one transaction.
  • Level of Investment Activity – Now you can search the most active firms (those that have bought or sold) over the past 18 months.
New Ways to Search Portfolio Companies
  • City – Quickly isolate portfolio companies within a metro.
  • w/ Multiple Investors – Find companies that have been held by more than one investor in the database.
  • w/ Multiple Transactions – Locate companies that have been bought or sold more than once.
New Ways to Search Professionals
  • Seniority – Isolate professionals based on general importance within a firm.  We have tagged every professional with a rank (Senior, Midlevel, or Junior).  Now you can filter professionals based on this element.
  • City – Enter a city and lookup all professionals based within a given metro.

More Ways to Sort

It’s a small detail, but being able to sort your search results is one of the more important factors that make up an efficient search experience. We’ve added more options for sorting – not just after general searches, but also within firm profiles.

View Connections Between Firms

This is probably the one change we’re most excited about.

If a firm has bought from, sold to, or invested with another firm in the database, we now list these connections (and the portfolio companies involved) as part of each firm profile.

Nearly half of the firms in the database have a connection with another firm in the database.

What’s the same?


We’re still an unbeatable $39 per month. While we can’t promise this price forever, offering extreme value is something that we’ll do our best to always provide.

If you haven’t already checked out the db, we certainly hope you’ll consider trying it. We offer a 30 day trial.  Click here for more info on that or here if you’d like a tour. is an online database of more than 2,200+ private equity firms worldwide.

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